High performance products.
Enhanced GSE reliability.


Dependability. Perhaps nowhere is that word more important than on an aviation ramp that is bustling with activity 24/7/365. To keep ground support equipment up and running reliably and efficiently takes the right GSE products…the best products.


The PAGE Industries product line is designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver the highest levels of performance and dependable service, day in and day out – dramatically reducing GSE downtime and providing excellent return on investment for entire fleets of equipment.


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Pre-Conditioned Air Accessories


400Hz Distributed Power Equipment

    400Hz Power Distribution Equipment
    400Hz System Distribution Wire  
28VDC Rectifiers
    Line Drop Compensators
    Load Point Control Units (LPCU)
    Gate Boxes
    Compensated Gate Boxes


Aircraft Ground Power Test Equipment

      400Hz Connector Test Kit
      Reactive Load Bank
      Phase Sequence Tester


Aircraft Ground System Components

       Jet Bridge Mounted Baggage Chute
      Potable Water and Lavatory Fittings
      Electrical Power Cord Convenience Reels
       Baggage Chute Service Platform
      Air Start Hose Assemblies and Fittings
      Aircraft Parking Guidance System
      Lavatory Hose


Aircraft Power Cable Assemblies

    400Hz Performance 260amp SMART Single Jacket Cables

    400Hz Replaceable HARDHEAD Cap

    400Hz Performance 180amp 6 around 1 Military Single Jacket Cables

    400Hz Banded Cable Assemblies and Attachable Connectors
    28VDC Banded Cable Assemblies and Attachable Connectors
    Aircraft Power Cable Dust Caps
    270 VDC Single Jacket Cable Assemblies With Molded Connectors


Aircraft Cable Stowage Systems
    Jet Bridge Mounted Power Cable Hoists

  • Motorized Aircraft Power Cable Reels 
  • Aircraft Cable Stowage Racks 

Power and Conditioned Air Equipment

  • Pre-Conditioned Air Units 
  • 270VDC Power Supplies
  • 28VDC Power Supplies
  • Fixed 400Hz Solid State Frequency Converters
  • Motor Generator 400Hz Frequency Converters